HBR Executive Editor Melinda Merino

Melinda Merino joins to discuss the true facets of AI in the workplace, as well as emerging talent development trends.

Cathy Scarlett: Advanced RPO StrategY

BMO VP of Talent Acquisition Cathy Scarlett joins to discuss how balancing agency recruiters with your internal team.

Kevin Mulcahy: Proactive Sourcing

Future Workplace partner discusses multi-media resumes, the gig economy,  employer vs consumer brand, and proactive sourcing.

Randstad CHRO Jim Link

Jim Link discusses the strides Randstad has made to evolve with candidates' changing expectations for the workplace.

Dan Schawbel on workplace flexibility

At Future Workplace's Networking Event, Dan Schawbel discusses the importance of workplace flexibility in the growing gig economy.

Fidelity SVP of Talent Tara Amaral

Tara Amaral joins Entelo VP of Talent Jill Witty to discuss the changes Fidelity Investments enacted to make their inbound applications far more diverse.

Recruiting LTRs, Referral Madness, Trend Analysis

Britt and Amina discuss the results of Entelo's dedicated referral campaign and how to recruit people over the long term. Rob pops champagne and plays an underwhelming rap air horn to celebrate episode 100.

SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck of SmartRecruiters joins Entelo CEO Jon Bischke to discuss the modern recruiting process and how a powerful ATS can best assist them.

Entelo Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan

Entelo's New Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan discusses what metrics are important to her, what ideal interviewing funnels look like, and the importance of nailing your ATS early on.

Shopify Director of Talent Acquisition Anna Lambert

 Anna Lambert discusses how learning about candidate passions had led to creative job placement. We explore the way her team looks at data to tell the real story about Recruiter performance.


Bill Boorman on Individual Value Proposition

#tru founder and Recruiting Daily contributor Bill Boorman joins Entelo CEO Jon Bischke to discuss AI, Individual Value Proposition, and Employer Branding.

Employee Lifetime Value with Greenhouse's Maia Josebachvili

Greenhouse's VP of Strategy & People discusses how she goes about calculating and optimizing Employee Lifetime Value. 

Katie Gechijian on Sourcer Mentorship, Inclusive Sourcing

Former VP of Talent Acquisition at Wells Fargo, Katie Gechijian, joins from the SourceCon show floor to discuss the sourcing community she built, as well as preview her diversity webinar, accessible here

Lou Adler

Lou Adler discusses handling objections, why you should never bring up the job on the first call, and how compensation is a negotiator rather than a filter. Learn much more in our webinar with Lou here:

CEO Jon Bischke Introduces Entelo Stack Mobile

CEO and Co-Founder of Entelo, Jon Bischke, announces the launch of Entelo Stack Mobile.

The Father of HR Tech Bill Kutik

19 years after founding the HR Tech Conference, Bill Kutik reflects on the trends he’s noticing this year, as well as what he’s learned after a year’s worth of his TV Show: The Firing Line with Bill Kutik.

Serial Referrers and Employee Advocacy with Craig Fisher

Head of Employer Branding for CA Technologies Craig Fisher walks us through the Employee Advocacy Program he enacted to encourage companies to submit referrals and build a positive community to engage with candidates.

General Session Preview: Lance Haun on Emerging HR and TA Report

Lance Haun, The Practice Leader for the Starr Conspiracy, joined us in advance of his Friday Morning General Session on his emerging HR and Talent Acquisition Report.

TOP HR PRODUCT AWARD WINNER: Great Hires’ Candidate Interview Experience Platform

Ray Tenenbaum from Great Hire walks us through his award winning Candidate Interview Experience Platform.

Measuring Employee Retention ROI with Robin Erickson

Robin Erickson, Talent Acquisition, Engagement & Retention Research for Bersin By Deloitte walks us through her recent research on the True Cost of Voluntary Turnover and the ROI of Retention.

Navigating the Benefits Solution Ecosystem with Nate Randall  

Founder of Ursa Major Consulting explains how companies can get the most out of their benefits programs.

Rejected Candidate Survey Data with kevin grossman

VP of Research Analytics Kevin Grossman explains surprising findings from Talent Board’s candidate experience research.

HR’s Transition to Employee Driven Systems

Cornerstone SVP of Strategy Jason Corsello Explains the Macro-Trend of HR technology transitioning towards employee driven systems

Michelle Rafter’s Takeaways From Dozens of CEO & Analyst Interviews

After conversations and interviews with dozens of CEOs and Analysts, Michelle Rafter stopped by to share her biggest takeaways from HR Tech 2016.

Matt Charney: HR Tech Innovation or Iteration?

Executive Editor of RecruitingDaily Matt Charney joins to discuss AI application in HR and the nature of innovation vs. iteration in the industry.

CEO of Greenhouse Daniel Chait On Focusing Recruitment Mentality

Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse, joins Entelo to talk about recruitment mentality, and what putting it back into focus looks like.

How to Engage Employees with Benefits and more with Jennifer Benz

Retargeting employees and benefit engagement with CEO of Benz Communications Jennifer Benz and Entelo.

iCIMS CEO, Colin day, joins Jon Bischke at HR Tech

Talking shop about recruiting platforms and the future of an integrated talent acquisition ecosystem.

Erin Spencer’s HR Systems Survey

Erin Spencer of Sierra Cedar explains her recent research aimed at helping HR teams size up their processes against the competition.

Katherine Jones’ Directory of Recruitment Innovation

Mercers Director of Talent Research Katherine Jones explains how to assess for change readiness and her recent Directory of Recruitment Innovation.

ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel on Talent Matching vs. Talent Searching

Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter explains how the future of talent acquisition lies in a shift from talent searching to talent matching.

Jason Averbook replaces HR Tech with Workforce Tech

Jason Averbook joins to discuss what it means to create an HR function that is built for the future.

Dan Benoni, Officevibe CEO, on Employee Engagement at HR Tech

Dan Benoni, CEO of Officevibe, joins us to talk show trends and employee engagement in 2016.

Jason Lauritsen on The HR Hacklab

Jason Lauritsen, Director of Client Success at Quantum Workforce, stopped by to talk about how the HR Hacklab.

How Talent Technology Supports Agile Resource Deployment at Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon's Pat Ross explains the agile resource deployment made possible by Cornerstone.

Strativa CEO and Founder, Frank Scavo, dissects the new trends in HR Technology

Ensuring that amidst Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics, we have a firm grasp on where HR technology is headed.

Equifax’s VP of Product Mgmt On Southwest’s Onboarding Revolution

Equifax Workforce Solutions' VP of Product Management Angela Lockman on Southwest’s onboarding revolution.

wINNER HR Product of The Year: HiQ Labs CEO

CEO of hiQ Labs Darren Kaplan explains ins and outs of his HR Product Of The Year-winning solution.

Madeline Laurano on EVP vs. Employer Brand

Aptitude Research Partners Co-Founder, Madeline Laurano, delves deep into the difference between EVP and Employer Brand.

Dropbox’s Global Employer Brand & The Muse CEO on Employee-First Branding

The Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew and Dropbox Global Employer Brand Manager Christy Childers explain how to define and articulate a genuine employer brand. 


Workplace Futurist Jeanne Meister

Jeanne helps us better understand the Consumerization of HR


Top Analyst Naomi Bloom on What Constitutes Great HRM Software

A peek into Naomi Blooms’ unparalleled HR space knowledge.

Forrester’s Claire Schooley On Driving Business Results with HR Analytics

Claire Schooley of Forrester explains how HR teams can use people analytics to drive high-level business goals.

Global Relocation with Brynne Herbert, Founder & CEO of MOVE Guides

MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Herbert explains the Talent Mobility Cloud and Growing Culture at a Global Org link picture

Fuel50 CEO Anne Fulton’s Industry-Bending Talent Models

Fresh from her Women In HR session, Anne Fulton explains industry-bending Engagement, Diversity, & Performance models.

The State of HR Tech with Brian Sommer

Brian Sommer (CEO TechVentive, VitalAnalysis) explains his take on the trends at this year's conference

Barry Libert

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Barry Libert on The Digital Imperative

Opening Keynote Speaker Barry Libert further explains HR’s Role in the Digital Imperative

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PeopleG2 CEO Chris Dyer

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August 4, 2016

Accel Partners Director Of Talent Strategy

 Cortlin Handly, Accel Partners' Director of Talent Strategy discusses how recruitment is a compromise and a delicate ecosystem.


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